Saturday, April 21, 2012

Action Research Plan Purpose & Significance

Can the use of Smartboards and Interactive Response Systems improve student performance on local and state standardized tests?

          The purpose of my action research plan is to determine if using SmartBoard and interactive response systems will increase fourth grade student performance in math on local and state standardized testing.  By incorporating the Smartboard more effectively and using the interactive response systems throughout the school year I hope to see the current weaknesses in math improve.  
          State tests have achievement levels of Advanced, Mastery, Basic, Approaching Basic, and Unsatisfactory.  Results will show the number of students scoring at each level, each year.  I plan to compare 4th grade results this year to 4th grade results next year (this will show different students scores, but on the same test).  I also am going to look at the scores of the third graders test this year and their fourth grade test next year (this will show same students results, but on different tests).
          Local test data will be available each nine weeks.  Student scores will categorized as Above Average, Average, and Below Average to compare results from the two years.

          Math consistently shows weaknesses on our student’s state standardized test scores each year.  By reviewing the data of this years students performance (where they didn’t get the use of Smartboards the entire year) to next years students (where they will be using the Smartboards and interactive response systems from the beginning of the school year) on local and state standardized test, I will see what type of change occurs in the scores and if consist use of this technology makes a difference.

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