Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EDLD 5397 Internship to Supervision Web Conference Week 5

Wow--final week already.  I have caught up a lot in this course and now hopefully I can keep up with courses and activities as they happen in order to not be so overwhelmed at the end. 

The conference was pretty short.  We were reminded of where to get our forms for our papers that have to be submitted to TK20 this week.  She covered the professional development plan at a greater depth, since this is something new we have to do this week.  We were given some examples (scheduling, budgeting, integrating technology in the classroom, implementing a technology project).  The plan does not have to be very detailed, but it must have at least three objectives, how we plan to accomplish them, who will help us, and how it will be evaluated. 

Questions were pretty much about the PDP and then about how to add our papers to the assignment (cut & paste).  The assignment will be pretty lengthy this week with our vitae, professional development plan, and internship plan.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

EDLD 5397 Internship in Supervision Web Conference Week 4

I got caught up with supper and cleaning up that I was late for the web conference this week.  I did attend the last ten minutes for the question /answer part.  

The beginning was a reminder of our four documents needed at the end of the master’s program and the seven documents needed in TK20 for this course.   Professor Borel reinforced the need to get things done early next week.  The course ends on Friday instead of Sunday.  She also suggested reviewing the Professional Development Plan that is due next week before the conference on next Tuesday.
Questions were asked at the end. There were student specific questions that didn’t really affect me about field supervisors, problem with opening assignments, blogs.  Someone asked about the practice exam and it was suggested that we continue doing it throughout the rest of our courses, so that we are ready for the real exam at the end.  Professional Development plan was discussed a bit also.  It is want some students have a lot of difficulty with.  We need to come up with 3-5 objectives to accomplish over the next few years.  She explained the exams we have to take and the order to take them in (LCE, ILD, TEXes).  The action research plan is a template of what we need to write.  We are to answer the nine elements in the section that the element applies to. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

EDLD 5397 Internship in Supervision Web Conference Week 3

What a week!!  I don’t feel like I will ever catch up on everything that I need to do these days. 

I watched the recording on the website this week, since I didn’t have time on Tuesday night to participate.  The conference shared what the focus of weeks 3 & 4 will be (action research project) and week 5 (reflections on courses and internship plans).  Professor Borel then shared what needed to be uploaded to TK20 and that we should have received the email from them that our binder is ready.  We have seven documents to upload that we are working on in this class.  She informed us that we can change our plans if needed based on what we have been doing.  There was a question and answer session that several bits of information that I needed.  It was shared that there is no link on the Week 3 board for the discussion board so we have to go to it from the side bar (which I prefer using anyway).  Someone from another state asked about taking the TEXes exam.  Dr. Boral said it is not required as part of the program (only the LCE is), but it is transferrable to some states, so I need to check into it and see if it will count in Louisiana.  She also pulled up the LAMAR website that has all our forms to show us where they are, so that we can have the current one when we do our documents for Course Embedded and Internship Plan reflections.

EDLD 5397 Internship in Supervision Web Conference Reflection Week 2

            Professor Borel does an awesome job of keeping us informed of what needs to be done for the week and upcoming weeks and courses.  Information was shared on the practice exam we are to take this week.  We can take it as many times as we want (the more the better to prepare for the “real” one in the final course).  We also went over the upcoming weeks, so that we can prepare for them.  We went over the forms that must be completed by the end of the program and she reminded us that we need to have the three field supervisor conferences done also.  Questions were answered for those that had any and she reminded us that week 5 is a short week due to the holidays.