Friday, August 31, 2012

EDLD 5364-Teaching with Technology Week 1 Web Conference

The web conference this week shed some light on lots of the changes that are taking affect with this course.  After watching the video today (Friday), I’m thinking it may not have been a bad thing that I didn’t have access to Blackboard for a few days (thanks to Hurricane Isaac).  Issues were found with the discussion board, so everyone will be receiving credit for Week 1.  We will be in smaller groups for the rest of the weeks to make it easier to follow the discussions.  Professor Borel explained that we are no longer going by ET numbers.  We will be put into groups in each course we take from now on based on whom our IA is.   She shared where we can find tutorials and how to change where our announcements are sent.  She also stressed the importance of the Lamar Google site, because that is where we will find information needed to complete our master’s program.  Week 1 ‘s assignment was reviewed (reflections and group work) and there was a question and answer session at the end. 

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