Saturday, September 15, 2012

EDLD 5364-Teaching with Technology Week 3 Web Conference

The conference tonight was much better that last week.  We discussed TK20 and what was due on it for this course.  That should be easy for this course since it is our weekly assignments.  The next topic was the assignment for this week.  The professor gave a short summary of the four parts we have for this week and said this is our busy week for the course.  Since there is no conference next week, she said to contact our IA’s with questions and for help, and if we needed her we could text or email.   For the questions and answer part, she said to make the lesson plan relevant.  I can use our Common Core standards for my plan.   She then explained the course order for the program to us, so that we could have an idea of what was coming up in our program.  It gave me a better understanding of where I’m going and what I have left.  At the end was a discussion about members not participating in the group.  She said the participating members would not be penalized for the nonparticipating member.   I am so glad I have not had to deal with this problem.

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