Sunday, September 23, 2012

EDLD 5364-Teaching with Technology Week 4 Quote

“Furthermore, professional development efforts will be undermined if the computers or infrastructure are not adequately supported.”  (Ringstaff & Kelley, 2002; Fabry & Higgs, 1997)

I choose this quote because this is what we have dealt with on a daily basis this school year.  The district decided to change the grading software (among other software) this year with consulting with the IT department.  Therefore it has been a huge headache getting the software to work correctly and the teachers comfortable using it.  When they “trained the trainers” who would train our teachers at school, they didn’t even want the network manager from the school to go.  Thank goodness my principal pushed for me to go along with the two classroom teachers she was supposed to send.  The day of training for the teachers (which was the first day of school), we couldn’t even get the software to work correctly in the training mode where the teachers could “play” with it without fear of messing something up.  I finally gave up on that and had to have them do it in their real roll book.  The kinks are finally getting worked out and the teachers are liking the software a little more, but the beginning of school is always crazy enough without throwing new software into the mix that doesn’t work like it supposed to.  All this did was cause our teachers to start off the year frustrated and stressed.  This is the main reason many teachers don’t like technology in their classrooms.  As I have heard them say, “It never works when I want it to.”

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