Sunday, September 9, 2012

EDLD 53640Teaching with Technology Week 2 Significant Quote

“The challenge posed by greater diversity and greater accountability is to enable students with widely divergent needs, skills, and interests to attain the same high standards.”  (Rose & Meyer, 2002)
I choose this quote because I feel we have so many excellent teachers leaving in our district, because of the pressure being piled onto us because of this challenge.  As teachers we know every student learns differently and are at different levels when they come into our room.  Our goal is to get students to that place at the end of the year where they are ready for the next grade (or to score high on the state tests at the end of the year).  We are aware, though, that every student will not meet those expectations, but we still push them and get them to a level that is greater than when they came to us.  The problem is the state, federal government, and people outside of education can’t seem to see this.

Rose, D., & Meyer, A. (2002). Teaching every student in the digital age: Universal design for learning. Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Available online at the Center for Applied Special Technology Web site. Chapter 1. Retrieved from

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