Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EDLD 5397 Internship to Supervision Web Conference Week 5

Wow--final week already.  I have caught up a lot in this course and now hopefully I can keep up with courses and activities as they happen in order to not be so overwhelmed at the end. 

The conference was pretty short.  We were reminded of where to get our forms for our papers that have to be submitted to TK20 this week.  She covered the professional development plan at a greater depth, since this is something new we have to do this week.  We were given some examples (scheduling, budgeting, integrating technology in the classroom, implementing a technology project).  The plan does not have to be very detailed, but it must have at least three objectives, how we plan to accomplish them, who will help us, and how it will be evaluated. 

Questions were pretty much about the PDP and then about how to add our papers to the assignment (cut & paste).  The assignment will be pretty lengthy this week with our vitae, professional development plan, and internship plan.

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