Sunday, December 16, 2012

EDLD 5397 Internship in Supervision Web Conference Week 4

I got caught up with supper and cleaning up that I was late for the web conference this week.  I did attend the last ten minutes for the question /answer part.  

The beginning was a reminder of our four documents needed at the end of the master’s program and the seven documents needed in TK20 for this course.   Professor Borel reinforced the need to get things done early next week.  The course ends on Friday instead of Sunday.  She also suggested reviewing the Professional Development Plan that is due next week before the conference on next Tuesday.
Questions were asked at the end. There were student specific questions that didn’t really affect me about field supervisors, problem with opening assignments, blogs.  Someone asked about the practice exam and it was suggested that we continue doing it throughout the rest of our courses, so that we are ready for the real exam at the end.  Professional Development plan was discussed a bit also.  It is want some students have a lot of difficulty with.  We need to come up with 3-5 objectives to accomplish over the next few years.  She explained the exams we have to take and the order to take them in (LCE, ILD, TEXes).  The action research plan is a template of what we need to write.  We are to answer the nine elements in the section that the element applies to. 

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