Sunday, December 9, 2012

EDLD 5397 Internship in Supervision Web Conference Week 3

What a week!!  I don’t feel like I will ever catch up on everything that I need to do these days. 

I watched the recording on the website this week, since I didn’t have time on Tuesday night to participate.  The conference shared what the focus of weeks 3 & 4 will be (action research project) and week 5 (reflections on courses and internship plans).  Professor Borel then shared what needed to be uploaded to TK20 and that we should have received the email from them that our binder is ready.  We have seven documents to upload that we are working on in this class.  She informed us that we can change our plans if needed based on what we have been doing.  There was a question and answer session that several bits of information that I needed.  It was shared that there is no link on the Week 3 board for the discussion board so we have to go to it from the side bar (which I prefer using anyway).  Someone from another state asked about taking the TEXes exam.  Dr. Boral said it is not required as part of the program (only the LCE is), but it is transferrable to some states, so I need to check into it and see if it will count in Louisiana.  She also pulled up the LAMAR website that has all our forms to show us where they are, so that we can have the current one when we do our documents for Course Embedded and Internship Plan reflections.

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