Saturday, March 10, 2012

ET8050 Week 2 Assignment, Part 3: Blog Posting # 1 Technology Assessments

          It seems like everything is being assessed in education today.  Students are being assessed constantly on what they know.  Teachers are being assessed on how well the students are learning.  Administrators are assessed on how well their school performs.  Technology needs constantly must be assessed because technology is always changing.
          We test how much students know about the curriculum and how well teachers teach it, but it is time to start assessing how much they both know about technology.  An educators’ technology leadership knowledge and skills are a valuable tool that they can use to entice their students to strive for their best work.  What is the best way to assess this knowledge and those skills is something that school districts are going to have to start thinking about.   In my district, employees must take a technology proficiency self-assessment online.  This data is used in the school and district end of year technology survey, but I don’t believe it’s used for anything else.
          Assessing a students’ technology knowledge and skills should be done by the teacher at the beginning of the year/semester, so that the teacher can design lessons that will challenge students.  By knowing what the students can do already, the teacher can adjust lessons and activities to either incorporate the skills they already know or teach new skills that will help the students perform better in the 21st century classroom.

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