Sunday, March 11, 2012

ET8050 Week 2 Assignment, Part 3: Blog Posting # 3 National Educational Technology Plan

        The National Educational Technology Plan will make a huge impact on our students and their education if we can get the plan enacted in the educational system.  It covers five essential areas:  Learning:  Engage and Empower, Assessment:  Measure What Matters, Teaching:  Prepare and Connect, Infrastructure:  Access and Enable, and Productivity:  Redesign and Transform.       
          In Learning:  Engage and Empower the provide experiences that mirror their daily life and the reality of their future.  Students will gain these learning experiences both in and out of school.  Assessment:  Measure What Matters suggests that we begin moving away from assessments that use print, mouse clicks, or word processing/writing to assessments that “capture examinees’ strengths in terms of the qualities that the assessment is intended to measure.”  (Transforming American Education:  Learning Powered by Technology-Executive Summary, p. 15) Then use this data for continuous improvement with the skills and subject matter.  Teaching:  Prepare and Connect suggests educators, working individual and in teams, will be supported by technology to enable and inspire effective teaching methods.  Infrastructure:  Access and Enable will be designed to allow learning when and wherever it is needed for both educators and students.   Productivity:  Redesign and Transform’s goal is to improve learning by coming up with more efficient uses of time, money and staff.
          Employing these essential areas into the school system will cause a shift from traditional teaching methods to a 21st Century model that will allow “critical thinking, complex problem solving, collaboration, and multimedia communication to be woven into all content areas.”  (Transforming American Education:  Learning Powered by Technology-Executive Summary, p. 9) The major issue I see with incorporating these into education now is funding.  There will need a way to provide students and teachers (as well as other educational stakeholders) with access to the information and data 24/7.  The infrastructure needs personnel to make sure everything is there that is needed and that it is working correctly, and professional development will need to be worked for everyone.

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