Saturday, March 31, 2012

ET8050 Week 5, Part 2 Course Refections #2

To the extent that you achieved the outcomes, are they still relevant to the work that you do in your school?  Why or why not?

The outcomes of this course have been tremendous.  I have gained so much knowledge from the articles, videos, and activities regarding how technology should be handled in the 21st Century classroom.  The assignments each week have given me many ideas to use in my classroom.  I have already started planning a few activities to do with my students soon.  I have also learned so much that needs to be down at my school to help implement technology in an effective way to produce the critical thinkers we need for the future.  Many of these ideas are in my internship plan and principal competency plan which will allow me to improve my performance at work, my co-workers performance, and my student’s performance. 

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